You guyssssss. Why am I not home in Colorado?!

Tyrannosaurus rex (Loveland)

Date: 2011-10-23, 9:33PM MDT
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I was adopted as a baby by some irresponsible people. I quickly grew to 8 feet tall and I don’t fit in their house anymore and they don’t have a fenced yard to keep me in. Please take me home and make me a part of your family!

I am great with kids and very low maintenance. I don’t eat or soil you carpet and I can entertain your children and friends for hours. I have wheels built into my legs and a handle in my tail so you can put 2-3 people inside and go for rides (my belly is a door and there is a platform inside). Once you put the kids to bed, you can put a bag of wine or a mini keg in my head, feed the hose out the hole in my mouth and serve drinks in a very elegant way. It would also be funny to hide inside me on halloween and jump out and scare tricker treaters.

My only challenge is my size. I am about 8 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 5 feet wide. My head and tail come off and can be packed inside my belly making it possible to transport me in a full size pick up.

Also, my previous owners abused me slightly and so two of my teeth and by belly/door fell off, but they can be very easily repaired with bit of hot glue or some duct tape.

All I want is a nice home with people who will love me! I’ll be happy even to entertain you just on halloween and then you can throw me in the trash! I just think I can provide a little more happiness before I go!

Email my previous owners to arrange a pickup.

Bobby the T-Rex

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